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Educational Programs at Your Location

Can't come to us? We can travel to you with hands-on, educational experiences for participants of all ages. Outreach programs must be arranged at least two weeks in advance. Cost varies by size, group type, location and experience.


Introduce your students to the wonders of space science with a portable planetarium visit to your school!

$175 for two groups, $75 for additional groups. Can accommodate 25 students per group.

Journey through the night sky to learn about stars, constellations and the phases of the Moon.  Discover the causes of Moon phases as we model the Earth, Moon and Sun systems. Grades K-5
Explore the different biomes of our world in an immersive environment! Using pictures and video, we will investigate the plants and animals that make specific biomes their home as we look at geographical data, weather and adaptations. Grades 2-5
Discover the motion of our solar system looking at the movements of the Earth that give us day and night and the seasons. Explore the effects of gravity and more. Grades 6-8
Explore the age, energy sources and structure of our closest star, the Sun. Discover the Sun’s role in supporting life on Earth and more. Grades 9-12

Hands-on Art & Science Workshops

$100 for 1 classroom, $75 for each additional classroom; Workshops can accommodate up to 30 students
Learn how to observe changing weather throughout the year as we read The Snowflake: A Water Cycle Story by Neil Waldman. Following story time, participants will create water cycle bags. Grades: PreK-Kindergarten
Explore the engineering design process and the causes and effects of erosion working in teams to devise a way to prevent beach erosion. Grades 1-5
Get immersed in the science of flight as learning about Bernoulli’s Principle and Newton’s Laws!  Participants also will build their own unique flying contraption and put it to the test! Grades 6-8
Discover the role of color in art as we read A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni. After the story, participants will make their own color-mixing sun catcher. Grades: Preschool-Kindergarten
Get inspiration from contemporary artists while working with paper to learn about the basics of sculpture and form then create unique three-dimensional sculptures during this fun program. Grades 1-5
Discover both the literary and artistic aspects of graphic novels while learning the basics of illustration and narrative writing. Participants will create and learn how to enhance a comic masterpiece with dialogue and character development. Grades 5-8

Assembly Presentations

$100 for 1 presentation, $75 for each additional presentation
Explore the science behind sound with interactive demonstrations.  Investigate the role waves play in the creation of sound and experiment with loud vs. soft and high vs. low sounds. Grades PreK-2
Investigate the physical properties of chemicals in solid, liquid and gaseous states, including the strange effects extreme cold (liquid nitrogen and dry ice) has on everyday objects. Grade 5-8
This program is possible with support from Airgas-Great Lakes Region and Dendritech®, Inc.

Midland County Historical Society

Local History Programs

$75 per classroom; $50 for each additional classroom
Learn how innovations in transportation, like the Erie Canal, shaped Michigan and how the revolution of the auto industry shaped the nation. Discover how changes in transportation led to the settlement of Michigan; how Michigander ingenuity permanently altered American transportation; and how our local Dow history played a role too. Grades 3-5
Learn how sometimes quietly and sometimes boldly, women have changed the world with our living history presentations. Choices include: turn of the 20th century entrepreneurship with Maggie Cunningham, women’s suffrage with Edith Rumrill Price; turn of the century journalist Helen Claire Merrill; and Dr. Sylvia Stoesser, Dow’s first female researcher.

Perfect for festivals, fairs and carnivals. $100 for up to 3 hours; $35 for each additional hour.

Bring Midland's past to your present school, carnival, festival or fair. Journey back in time to learn about the daily life of Midlanders across the decades. Explore the evolution of our county with historic images, hear stories and play with toys from the past. Midland County Historical Society brings all of the supplies to create a local history room or carnival booth for events.
*Additional travel fees apply for all outreach programs at a rate of $0.60 per mile.